Friday, March 28, 2014

Microsoft Doing What I Suggested!

Many eons ago, I wrote that:

"... so, what's there left for Microsoft to do? Do what they did back in 1985... make software for Apple's hardware. While it is not hard to see that eventually, market share for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system may gain popularity in the marketplace as people migrate their existing solutions to tablet computers (or at least, to Windows 8 and beyond), the initial first step for Microsoft should be to make some incarnation of Office that runs on an iPad. It'll buy Microsoft time to perfect their systems for tablets as the tablet manufacturers strive for market share in an Apple-dominated world, while offering an iOS product in the meantime to perk the interests of Office users everywhere.

So, Microsoft... how about it?"

It looks like Microsoft have done exactly that. Those who have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription are able to download and install Office (that is, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) onto their Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad, with no extra cost to the subscription!

For the first time since owning a Mac, I am genuinely impressed! Microsoft may have acknowledged that while Windows 8 may be in a bit of trouble, and it has demonstrated that it is not willing to deny Office users (and that's a large proportion of the global population) from working on devices they actually own. Who knows... maybe when Windows 8 picks up pace in the marketplace, Microsoft will be given the opportunity to re-develop their Office products for their touch-friendly Windows RT environment for both ARM- and x86-based portable devices, and realise the making of a successful transition into the mobile computing market, something that Microsoft are currently missing out on.


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