Thursday, March 06, 2014

May the Real Steve Please Stand Up?

In a Wired article entitled "Microsoft Is a '2.5-trick Pony' According to Steve Ballmer", Steve himself is quoted in saying:

"I won't try to tell you that our record of innovation is perfect, but I'd say we've done more tricks than anybody else," [Steve Balmer] said. "Apple's done two, we've done two-and-a-half—half for Xbox."

Actually, Apple have half a "trick" over Microsoft if you understand what Steve Balmer's definition of a "trick" is: their first successful "trick" was the Apple II… a product that lasted as an available and supported platform for over 10 years. Apple's second "trick"—the Macintosh—was one that was developed and released whilst the Apple II was in its hey-day. And of course, Apple's third "trick" was their mobile devices and infrastructure based on what is now iOS.

Steve Balmer seemed to have missed the fact about Apple's first "trick"… probably because Steve wasn't working at Microsoft at the time the Apple II became the world's most successful computing product of the time, if not all time.




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