Sunday, April 14, 2013

Facebook Advertising... What, Exactly?

I have seen some cheesy advertisements in my time, but these images from Facebook's own Home site (for the product they call FaceBook Home for Android) smells of rotten cheese aleady.

Why? Most likely because they appear to be based on the same marketing principles used by Microsoft in introducing their Zune players and their Social network to the world. The same cheesy grins, the same chuckling girls, the same mature-age themes... as Facebook depict what I suspect is their wish for a highly-susceptible young adult female demographic*, as they attempt to demonstrate why you should allow them to be featured on your Android smartphone.

Except, they really don't actually tell you anything; Facebook still manage to not show their product at all, nor demonstrate how their product is actually going to make you chuckle, laugh, and smile smugly.

Which is rather shameful, because at the end of the day, you don't just want to feel all artificially funky using Facebook Home. What you want to feel is the genuine confidence that Facebook can actually provide you with a useful app that can allow you to communicate on their social network easily and intuitively, and without affecting all the other features of your phone, and without opening up new security and privacy holes. And if Home doesn't allow you to do that, then what is it really worth?

Nowhere near the value of a used Zune player, I'd expect.

*an apology in advance: I am the one who is going out on a limb in saying that Facebook is targeting the very specific audience I described, because frankly, I cannot deduce any other plausible reason as to why the advertisement presents: a), only young ladies, that are b) portrayed in personally social settings in the ad. My suspicions are not intended to offend anyone; sorry if they do.

If Facebook had other imagery in the ad, I'd not have written about it in the first place.

Article last updated 14th April, 2013: added links to articles explaining some of the usage issues, stealth tactics and non-disclosure concerns that the software introduces; added a sincere apology.


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