Sunday, December 30, 2012

Is This Even True?

OK, now and again, I find I have been misled or even lied to only to realise my mistake later. So far, I haven't gotten into trouble over it.

But there are times when I find misleading information so blatantly obvious, it makes me cringe.

The image above depicts that Facetime, an application that was once sold for the benefit of Snow Leopard users prior to the introduction of OS X Lion, as being a very popular paid application on the Mac App Store—so popular, it's categorised as a "Top Paid App".

Why don't I believe this? Let's count the reasons:

  1. It's now available as part of OS X (Mountain) Lion, and the Mac App Store does not allow (Mountain) Lion users to purchase it.
  2. Mac OS X 10.6.8 has been around on people's Macs, including mine, for well over a year. Facetime has been available on the Mac App Store ever since the on-line service opened. Surely everyone who ever needs Facetime on their Mac has it installed on their systems by now.
  3. There is no third reason. Oh, wait, yes there is—Facetime is an Apple product, and Apple has full control over their own advertising at their Store.

My take on the matter is that Apple are advertising its own products by way of pretending, and without exposing any proof, that the software products are a popular purchase at the Store, when in actual fact they are not. I dare Apple to prove me wrong here. The longer Apple continues to falsify and pretend about the status of products at the Store, the less likely I am to shop there in preference to any way else (many Mac software vendors still continue to sell their software themselves, without help from the Mac App Store).


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