Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Suggestion to Microsoft: Start Writing More Software for iOS.

I wrote this piece some time ago:

but never got to post it. Here it is, in its entirety:

8:30 AM Suggestion to Microsoft: Start Writing More Software for iOS.

I don't see Windows having an easy time of it as people move from desktop computers to one or more tablet computers in the future.

While Windows 8 does provide an avenue for Microsoft to enter into the tablet market, they have again started late in the industry, partly because Microsoft have to wait for hardware manufacturers to step up to the plate, after quite a number of false starts.

The first technology migration from MS-DOS to Windows was met with a need for Microsoft to write Macintosh software as a mitigation strategy until Windows was ready to dominate millions of IBM PCs and compatibles with their Windows operating system.

The second technology migration from PCs to tablets may be a harder move for Microsoft to pull off, considering that Apple have sold, by several orders of magnitude, more iPads than Macs in the first 4 years of their lives since their introduction in 2010 and 1984 respectively. Apple's iOS is definitely the dominant tablet operating system for the immediate future, with not much traction left for Windows to grab a hold of the market.

So, what's there left for Microsoft to do? Do what they did back in 1985... make software for Apple's hardware. While it is not hard to see that eventually, market share for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system may gain popularity in the marketplace as people migrate their existing solutions to tablet computers (or at least, to Windows 8 and beyond), the initial first step for Microsoft should be to make some incarnation of Office that runs on an iPad. It'll buy Microsoft time to perfect their systems for tablets as the tablet manufacturers strive for market share in an Apple-dominated world, while offering an iOS product in the meantime to perk the interests of Office users everywhere.

So, Microsoft... how about it?

Meanwhile, it has been rumoured here and there about the potential of Microsoft releasing Office for iOS (and other platforms)! It would be absolutely delightful to see Microsoft bring out their flagship applications for Apple's mobile platform just to be able to claim that there is always room for sound, strategic decisions from the Redmond company, despite the current uncertainty of Windows 8 by early-adopters and die-hard Windows fans alike.


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