Sunday, August 26, 2012

How To Insult While Advertising.

Microsoft's demonstration of Internet Explorer 9 on the Web uses a Web site that insults users of Macintosh systems by throwing up what they claim is a tweet from an unknown/undisclosed source:

In case you cannot read it, it says, "Contemplating buying a non-Mac, just so that I can have IE9—tweet".

To tell people that they should go and buy a whole new system just to demonstrate what Internet Explorer 9 should be able to do with HTML 5 code is just plain offensive to me. If Internet Explorer 9 is indeed a standards-compliant browser, and HTML 5 is the markup that it is expected to read, then that should be enough to demonstrate to users of other browsers and systems most of what Internet Explorer 9 can do... for the specific areas of Internet Explorer 9 that other browsers can't do, offer them a caption, some more information, or even simulation. Don't insult users with "go buy a PC with Windows and try this yourself", because chances are, people just won't.

I do realise, though, that the whole point of Beauty Of the Web is to showcase Internet Explorer 9, and only that product. But couldn't Microsoft do that in a way that is actually accommodating to non-IE users, rather than intimidating and condescending to otherwise potential customers? Don't Microsoft realise that Mac users aren't limited to using just OS X for all their computing needs?

It's amazing how Microsoft can shoot itself in the foot over and over again with careless attitudes such as this.

Incidentally, Linux users aren't insulted in the same way Mac users are:

If that is not a direct offensive towards Mac users, I don't know what is.


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